I Thought Brett Farve Would Break The Curse

Posted January 25th 2010

In the world of sports the word “cursed” is used to describe a certain team’s misfortunes and inability to win a championship over very long periods of time. Now wether you believe in curses or not doesn’t matter, that’s the way the sports world is. Simply because every franchise/team will have their day of glory…. right? I mean, in the NFL even the LA/St.Louis Rams won a championship within this decade, and now look where they are. At the bottom of the league where we expect them to be. That’s why you have to look at why the word “cursed” is used in sports so much and with such belief.

“Cursed” is not used because a team merely loses games. No, it’s used because of the WAY a team loses games. The Chicago Cubs, Boston Red Sox, LA Clippers (because of their number one draft picks). The term is put on franchises that statistically actually should win championships and those that have been in the position to win titles but to everyone’s disbelief come up short, every time. Now to my point.

The Minnesota Vikings are the most “cursed” team in sports, period. I would say the Cubs but they have won World Series, even if it’s been forever. The Vikings have been to four Superbowls and have not come away with one victory. I wasn’t around back in those days but from what I hear they should have had a dynasty. And the only image implanted in mind from that era is Jim Marshall recovering a fumble and returning it in to the opposite end zone with his arms raised in celebration.

Now fast forward to the Vikes of the 90’s. The Randy Moss/Dennis Green era. They should have won a Superbowl but they go up against an inferior NY Giants team in the NFC championship and lay an egg, losing 41-0. And then there’s the NFC championship loss to the Atlanta Falcons at home in the Metrodome. We all remember the missed field goal by Gary Anderson who set an NFL record by converting every field goal in the regular season, 35 to be exact. With about two minutes left in the fourth quarter with the Vikes leading 27-20 he missed a 38 yard attempt. That would have put the game away but of course the Falcons march down and score sending the game into over time and eventually winning the game by a field goal. The Vikings were 15-1 that season.

Ok, that’s in the past. I have to admit when the Vikings acquired the legend Brett Favre last off season I honestly thought the curse was broken. He has a Superbowl ring, he’s definitely not cursed. I mean, Curt Shilling broke the Red Sox curse. So number 4 would brake the Vikes. As the season went on I was sure the curse was broke, especially after that awesome win over the 49er’s with that time expiring hail mary touch down throw by none other than Brett Favre. Yes!!

Fast forward to the playoffs. They crush Dallas, no surprise. They were supposed to, the Vikes were a much better team than Dallas. So off to battle the New Orleans Saints which I must say have a damn good team. Any how the Vikes were still better, but they lost. After watching that game I’m convinced the curse is apparent. Everyone played great, aside from special teams but the defense made up for that, hats off to the defense. What comes to mind most during that game is that it seemed like the football did not want to be touched by a Minnesota Vikings player. I’ve never seen anything like it in an NFL game of that magnitude. It seemed as though every one who touched the football who was a Viking became Bill Buckner. I feel bad for the team, they came prepared and played their hearts out. So I’m blaming that loss on the “curse”.

I’ve said for awhile now maybe a change of uniforms can change the misfortunes for the Vikes. Cause the purple is obviously not doing it. I don’t know. Any ideas anybody?

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