The Leak Series

December 2, 2010:
I’d like to thank everyone who has supported the Leak Series, your support made it a success and me and the entire Horned Heart family are very appreciative. I’d also like to thank the many blogs who supported the Leak Series and my work. You guys were very critical in its success. After discussions we here at Horned Heart have decided to discontinue the Leak Series. In a positive manner the Leak Series has done it’s job and beyond.

Now that being said those of you who had a chance to download the 17 Leak Series songs can bump those and be on the lookout for the new project coming soon. It’s a collaboration with producer Nima Fadavi ( titled “Gallery 2322”. I’m very excited about the music on it. If you didn’t know Nima produced “Sunbeam” which speaks for itself, so an entire project together has been very fun working on. It’s in the final tweaking stages and it’s feeling fantastic so it won’t be long.

And if you haven’t done so get your copy of the “Sab The Artist EP” from iTunes or my Bandcamp page. Anything else is uncivilized.


“Spread love, no matter what.”

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