Where Is American Tennis?

Posted January 23rd 2010

I’m just…

Watching the Australian Open and working on completing as much music as I can. I wonder what happened to American men’s tennis? When I first began watching Pete Sampras was at the end of his career along with Andre Agassi. I watched the match where Pete defeated Andre to win the US Open title that year. That turned out to be Pete’s last match. Afterwards Andy Roddick looked promising along with James Blake. Roddick won one US Open title and that’s the end of men’s American tennis. What? I mean I know we are watching the greatest player of all time in my opinion in Roger Federer but come on, no American male outside of Roddick is a consistent top 5 player. I hope some where out there some young kid is training his butt off with the talent and ambition to bring men’s American tennis back to glory. Otherwise tennis is great and I love watching no matter who’s playing. I hope Roger gets to 20 titles, that would be great to see in our life time.

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