Wow! Even John Mayer Makes Mistakes

Posted February 10th 2010

One thing all humans are good for is a mistake. John Mayer just made a huge one and I’m not shocked. It’s very hard to walk around on this planet with that perfect good guy image and go to your grave unscathed. I don’t think John Mayer is racist and I’d bet he probably is a pretty good guy, but to me he’s still just a guy. He’s one of the most talented artist of our time so that put’s him in a different box and that’s why his mistake will be frowned upon to higher degrees.

When your on John Mayer status you can’t get drunk and make remarks like he did. The racial remarks aside, you can’t even say dick and cock in an interview when your on John Mayer status. John made a human mistake. He will learn and he will grow from this as a person.

And I will say, his remarks were very offensive and he’s in for a heap of trouble behind it. And that trouble is mostly with himself. Damn that must of been some good scotch.

John Mayer will receive no judgement from me. He makes good music and that’s all I ever needed from him.

Also, he must have a terrible sense of humor. This is why only comedians should make jokes.

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