Sabism 2 – Be Yourself?

1 Response to Sabism 2 – Be Yourself?

  1. Carrie Kirk says:

    Be yourself…. I loved the exposure of the deeper meaning, I being a student of Zen philosophy have this in mind…. what is the self? Is it what we see when we look in the mirror? Not that easy, we have these complex bodies and organs and the senses and the brain are a physical part of that doing more than abstract thinking, and sensing. I look at it this way. In any given day we see and hear all kinds of things, some we sought out and some that we just encountered and had to process on the way, not everything we think is part of who we are or ourselves. Some day a person may have a random horrible thought and wonder, “Am I a bad person because I thought that?” but our brains have to “digest” everything they take in and just like our digestive system…. everyone is different, some stronger, some weaker, some brighter, some duller… I think maybe a better thing for us to do is not necessarily be ourselves, but come to know yourself, the truth of what that is after you peel away all the things that you “know” about yourself just because you heard it 10,000 times… and then just try to be the best person you can be in every moment, and forgive yourself when you falter……thank you for the thoughts much love always.

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