December 2010

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December 28, 2010:
Macklemore – The Town
This is hard. Macklemore is an emcee that really makes me pay attention to what he’s saying. He has an original flow. His schemes and writing arrangements are unpredictable. He’s captured a narrative spirit in his delivery. To put it simply, he’s dope and better than that, he has the ingredients to become a great artist. I’m a fan.

December 27, 2010:
Pigeon John & Abstract Rude – Life Goes On
This song makes me feel great. Can you feel its awesomeness?

December 20, 2010:
Blueprint – Radio-Inactive
New video and single from my guy Blueprint. This… is… dope.

December 13, 2010:
Black Moon – Buck’em Down
There’s not many albums I love as much as Black Moon’s “Enta Da Stage”. Buckshot vocally probably influenced me more than any other emcee. This dude single handedly made rappers switch up their flow. No one was dragging out their words before Buckshot. Get that album, listen and then do the timing. He shows us how to slow it down. Breath control, voice. Boom.

December 13, 2010:
Redman – Time 4 Sum Aksion
Redman has gotta be one of the most under appreciated artists in rap. He’s got everything… flow, lyrics, voice, delivery and originality. Dude made 3 classic albums in a row, his first 3. Nuff said.

December 11, 2010:
Janet Jackson – Control
There was a time when I didn’t appreciate this album for what it was. I’m ashamed of myself, even though that was long ago. This album is fantastic. And if you didn’t know, it’s all Minneapolis. They even shot this video in Minneapolis. That’s Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis and Jerome from The Time. The sound, the dance steps, the look…. All Mpls. I’m so grateful at the moment. Remember Janet even shouted “Minneapolis!” on the album?

December 6, 2010:
Fedde Le Grand – Put Your Hands Up For Detroit
This joint always gets my blood rushing. And so does the video. Boom.

December 5, 2010:
Tom Waits – Christmas Card From a Hooker in Minneapolis
I’m telling yall, there’s something about Minneapolis, MN… even Tom Waits thinks so. And he’s better than you, so that means it’s true. I ❤ MPLS.

December 3, 2010:
Curtis Mayfield – Pusherman
At one time music of this content was called “message music”, then it became “gangsta rap”. I don’t know what it’s being called now. Do you?

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