Sab The Artist

Musab “Sab The Artist” Saad’s music career began as a hip hop artist named Beyond in his hometown Minneapolis, MN.

A member of the Headshots crew, Sab co-founded independent hip hop label Rhymesayers Entertainment and crafted the label’s first release, Beyond “Comparison”.

His catalog exploded through Rhymesayers and has gone on to include the vinyl EP hit “Actin Rich”, “The BE-sides” tape, “Respect The Life” and “The Dynospectrum”, which brought together the talents of Musab, Slug and Ant of Atmosphere, I Self Divine of the Micronauts and Mr. Gene Poole as a supergroup of the same name.  This collaboration of artists blended some of the most unique flavors in music causing an assault on the senses with every beat.

Musab began to spread his seed of infectious groundbreaking material with yet another independent hip hop label in 2007 releasing “Slicks Box” on Oakland based Hiero Imperium before spending 3 months of 2008 wowing crowds with his skill and finesse on the 40 city “Freshly Dipped” tour.

2010 was engulfed by Sab The Artist as he took fans on a voyage of endless beats and lyrical proficiency unheard of in the last decade.  He stirred up a commotion while traveling the country on the “Rigamarole” Tour with Hiero label mate Pep Love in March and “The Awful Truth” Tour with Rhymesayers compatriot Abstract Rude in June, July & August, offering a 17 installment “Leak Series” and releasing the “Sab The Artist EP”.

Throughout, Sab has been working towards the release of a new album “HGH”(Heaven, Girls, Hell) with Ultra Chorus – Jeffrey Lorentzen and Chris Heidman (Sukpatch) – of Minneapolis, MN, creating a unique fusion of Hip Hop, Pop, R&B, and Electronic sounds.

Whet your appetite for “HGH” with the “Sab The Artist EP”, available now via iTunes and Bandcamp.

2 Responses to Sab The Artist

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  2. Saw you perform in Denver last summer. Really dig the music you do. Peep the website and some of the music. Also got some tracks on Would love to collab sometime. Peep the page and get back. Peace…

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