The Auto Repair Industry Needs Reform!

Posted January 23rd 2010

Every American definitely has one thing in common. We all have been screwed over by an auto repair shop or mechanic. Everyone’s been asked, “do you know a good mechanic?”. And unless that mechanic is a close relative or friend, then you probably don’t. It sucks to say the least. We are dependent upon our vehicles to get to work, school, grocery market etc. Some of our lively hoods are resting on our ability to transport to and fro and our vehicles are left in the hands of these vultures. I don’t exaggerate when I say 9 out of 10 mechanics are crooks and cheapskates looking for and most times probably creating issues on our automobiles that need to be repaired so they can get paid.

How did this industry get so unguarded? Mechanics and repair shops are screwing Americans over at will and there’s nothing we can do about it. Taking are vehicles in for repairs and tune ups always turns out to be one big stress more times than not. I mean the mentality of Americans is this, “I need a mechanic I can trust”. Why? That’s because we all know what we are dealing with. Snakes, and they’ve become so comfortable robbing people their not even hiding in the grass anymore.

So, if anything should be government regulated it’s the auto repair industry. This has a direct effect on the lives of everyday average Americans in a big way. How long are we going to let these crooks keep openly stealing from us?

Reform and regulate the auto repair industry for the sake of all Americans.

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