Tiger Woods A Sex Addict?

Posted January 23rd 2010

A couple of months ago I was surprised just like the rest of the world when Tiger’s perfect bubble popped and the sex scandal was world wide news. Although I was surprised it wasn’t the fact he was cheating that surprised me, it was how blatant and irresponsible he was about it. I mean this guy risked everything he had on average girls at best. Cocktail servers and VIP host? Leaving voice mails (evidence) on girls phones signing off as “Tiger”? I can’t help but ask, “What was he thinking?” I’m sure we all would like to know.

Anyhow it’s got me thinking, maybe he is a sex addict. I never really believed in the term before now but if Tiger could risk everything he has on regular sex romps with girls who are nothing to brag about bagging, then maybe he is a sex addict. My common sense is telling me you’d have to be a sex addict to throw what he had away on…. that. And I’m not judging. I’m just wondering. I’ve never walked in those shoes and not many men have nor ever will, so I don’t know what it’s like. I do know that all men love attention from women and most men love sex. And many men of less public stature have sacrificed more than they should have on a fling with the best available girl.

Yes of course, but I don’t think any man has given up what Tiger has for a piece of ass in our modern era. Not Bill Clinton. Not Steve Phillips. No one, because no one was Tiger Woods. Maybe he wasn’t aware of just who he was and how many people were just dying to take that away from him. Well now he does know if he didn’t.

Get help Tiger. I hope you find yourself and peace. I wish you the best. Every man makes mistakes. You just happened to be Tiger Woods.

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